Daily prompt: Sun, sand and surf…

Daily Prompt
Re-springing Your Step
Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

The water was perfect on Sunday: warm but still refreshing, and so clear that my feet looked luminous against the sandy bottom. Not much in the way of waves: more a matter of rolling swells that might have become waves if they’d had further to travel before they reached the beach.

But that was fine, too. A moment of respite, really, after the rougher water of the previous few days that called for constant judgement and action to avoid that ignominious flurry of less-than-gorgeous limbs bowled over by a wall of foam. Or worse still, joining the oldies on the edge, too unstable to venture in beyond knee level – and even then, prey to the unplanned sit-down in the last of the swirl, leaving you like a beached whale with knickers full of sand.

These are the visions that safeguard me from the seductive winter whisper that insists I’ve earned the right to kick back with my feet up and slide inexorably down the slippery slope to the motorised scooter.

For some people it’s mountains…the vision of rolling pastures…the lure of a bush track. For some it’s the city. For me, it’s the ocean. Walking on the beach is good.


The uninhibited ferocity of a winter storm.


But best of all is being up to your neck in it on a clear, blue day when the sun dances on its surface and infinity murmurs to your weightless soul…


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Sun, sand and surf…

  1. I too am resisting the lure of that scooter … though I have to admit, the one time we rented a pair of them at Busch Gardens, we had a lot of fun driving rings around other pedestrians going “beep, beep” like The Roadrunner 🙂 But so far, still on my feet and with a little bit of luck, that’s where I’ll stay. Both of us. On our OWN two legs. By the sea.

  2. Martha Kennedy says:

    ❤ I would really love to see your beach.

  3. bkpyett says:

    This really captures the romance of the beach for me. Having been brought up opposite the mouth of a river and close to the beach with waves, I’ve never lost that love of the ocean. I hope that scooter is not needed for a long time yet!!

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