Seizing the day: 28/1, Cold calls

Don’t call me when you don’t know me from Adam,
especially since I’m an Eve and you call me Mister.
Don’t try to sell me stuff I
don’t want,
can’t afford,
find boring to the point of rigidity.
Don’t invade my space,
blow my focus,
shatter the evening hush.
I’m sorry, I know it’s your job,
but just

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8 Responses to Seizing the day: 28/1, Cold calls

  1. Noah Weiss says:

    This was a great post. When I was younger, and I answered what turned out to be a cold call, they often said, “Ma’am…” Hello, I’m a man (even though maybe I had a higher-pitched voice when I was younger…)

  2. What irks me is when I tell them, politely, that I am not interested, and they keep trying.

  3. Relax says:

    Amen. A telemarketer called one eve and teen daughter answered. She thanked him anyway and tried to hang up courteously but he was pulling out every trick in the cold-call manual. I signaled here to simply hang up — I didn’t want my kids thinking that courtesy is ever a useless thing. He called right back, and she hung up when she heard it was him offering the same offer. He called RIGHT back, and I took the receiver this time to hear him say (before i could even say hello), “Don’t you hang up on me, bitch!” I. was. furious. Hopefully, he lost his job shortly after.

  4. I’ve never had them as persistent as that! Usually one hang-up does the trick.

  5. I like to set the phone down by the radio and walk away. Let them listen to some crap they don’t care about. 🙂

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