Daily prompt: Seizing the day, 22/4

Someone somewhere down the road
has their radio on overload.
If it were playing Beethoven, I might
excuse it: not polite
but understandable in that
Beethoven is mighty. Modern pop and chat
is piddling drivel. Maybe I’ll rush out
with bed hair all awry, and shout
excoriating imprecations.
Then again as mother said
we have our pride.
Better, perhaps, to stay in bed.


A year or so ago, the Weekly Challenge (since defunct) was this:
It was fun, so once the week was up, I kept going in a series of posts I called
Seizing the day. The DP’s regurgitated prompts aren’t fun, so unless they come up with something riveting, I’m going back to Seizing the day.

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4 Responses to Daily prompt: Seizing the day, 22/4

  1. We call them “OOMPAH” cars. Obviously, the drivers are deaf. They may not have started that way, but they are now.

  2. Aunt Beulah says:

    Laugh aloud funny. I guffawed.

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