Daily prompt: Food for thought


According to the People Who Know These Things, I would be the unhealthiest person you’ve ever met had you met me – which you haven’t but you get the general drift.

It’s about 55 years since I stopped paying attention to what I should or shouldn’t eat and how much exercise/sleep/water/calcium or protein I should or shouldn’t have, and nothing since has convinced me to reconsider my attitude.

Which in my opinion is one of the reasons for my rude good health (the other being luck). Had I hung on every word uttered by health gurus during those 55 years, I would now be a gaga old lady too confused and intimidated by the spinning top of dietary shoulds and shouldn’ts to leave the safety of my chair.

As it is, I can pretty much guarantee that I haven’t consumed my quota of any of the required food groups on any two consecutive days at any time within living memory – always assuming I knew the first thing about food groups which I don’t. (I probably did have a vague idea during my children’s childhood – the food diary I kept for my youngest daughter during a research project into juvenile arthritis got the gold star – but even then it was more to do with commonsense. Or again, luck.)

I’m also aware that this is not an attitude likely to win friends. It’s almost a cardinal sin these days to be so cavalier about my diet, and so unmoved by all those conclusions that have taken scientists countless hours and Squillions of dollars to reach. But there it is. Today’s fact has become tomorrow’s fiction far too often in my lifetime for me to take radical action in the interests of the latest example.

Mostly, I’m reminded of two things.

First, while the Western World spends billions whipping itself into a frenzy over the possible dangers of what we eat, millions elsewhere have nothing to eat at all. Is this an example of the milk/soy milk/rice milk of human kindness?

And secondly, from my childhood:
Want to get rid of 25 lbs of unsightly fat?
Cut off your head.



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6 Responses to Daily prompt: Food for thought

  1. We eat pretty healthily, but that’s the food we like. Neither of us likes junk food, except pizza — which is one of the basic food groups. Eating well isn’t onerous as long as it tastes good. If it doesn’t taste good, we don’t eat it, no matter how nutritious it’s supposed to be.

  2. fluffysteps says:

    There was a time when I was tracking all the foods I was eating in an attempt to be “healthy,” and it drove me insane! Like they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  3. Hello missus! Get you, you’ve written a book! Most impressed, must download it asap! Have done a brief post today, but will be in touch further down the line, hope all is well with you xx

    • The book’s been up for quite a while having the impact of a soggy squib, partly (I tell myself) due to my complete mental block about marketing it. But don’t be too impressed and don’t download it unless you enjoy fluff, which is what it is.Loved writing it, but have no delusions of grandeur about it.

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