Daily prompt: That thing I never had much of


I was never the sort of kid who zipped around the neighbourhood full of energy and joie-de-vie.

Not that there was a neighbourhood in the accepted sense. We lived on a corner with a school on one side, another school across the road that took up a whole block, and a student residence on the other corner. We did have neighbours on one side, but they bred blue heelers who definitely didn’t welcome visitors.


They also had chooks which our dog thought were fair game if they flew over the fence, so relations could become strained from time to time.

Even the shop at the far end of the block wasn’t exactly child-friendly. Or possibly anyone-friendly. Don’t know what it was, but what it wasn’t was warm and fuzzy so I didn’t go there very often, and only when strictly necessary.

Not that I felt deprived. You don’t miss what you’ve never known I was also fat. Whether I was fat because I wasn’t zippy or didn’t zip because I was fat I’ll never know, but I was happy to mosey around with my imagination and maybe the fat bit had nothing to do with anything. I thinned out eventually without being zippy before or after the transition.

My children weren’t dedicated zippers either, and none of them were fat. The older two were devoted to their imaginations and the third channelled any innate zip into ballet. The youngest might have liked to zip around more than she did, but she had arthritis from the age of four. She didn’t let it stop her playing hockey and netball, though, which was good for her spirits but not so good for the knees. (Water polo was easier on the knees, but it’s a vicious sport: she has a scar just above her eye to prove it.)

One of the benefits of never having had that physical zip is that you’re spared the misery of feeling it decline. That can be a double-edged sword though. Makes it far too easy to neglect the exercise you know you should have.

I shall now go for a walk.



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9 Responses to Daily prompt: That thing I never had much of

  1. Aunt Beulah says:

    And with this post on zip and fat, you made me chuckle. Thank you. And I hope you enjoyed a non-zippy walk.

  2. I was always full of zip, even now, though the zip is sometimes frustrating and sometimes painful, I haven’t given up. 🙂

  3. Embeecee says:

    I had some ‘zip’ as a kid, no more or less than an ‘average’ kid. In my 20s I maintained it, I’d walk miles and hike and swim (as much as I can swim, which isn’t much), then in my 30s I met hubby and thereafter my zip was gone. These days I’m always being lectured on my lack of ‘zip’ because everything hurts too much most of the time TO ZIP. I need to walk, I don’t, I need to ‘swim’, I don’t. Zip is overrated IMHO. And yes, you were fortunate in being satisfied with your level of zip…you don’t miss what you never had. My mother, who was more immobile than I in her old age, was a keen walker and hiker in her day and often lamented her lame status. But she kept going, she’d walk a block and call me up to report she DID IT. I think that sort of attitude (which you have too) is called courage and fortitude! A blessing indeed! 🙂

  4. AprilEsutton says:

    So funny I have to share. Reading this walking very slowly of the treadmill.

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