Daily prompt: How about something a bit more peaceful?


First we had scamper, then dash, and now we’ve got sail – an improvement as it involves less frenetic activity, but not something that inspires me to heights of creativity, even assuming I was familiar with creative heights.

For some people, sailing away on a cruise would be the height of enjoyment (if not creativity), but I am not one of them

The sailing away part would be fine – me, the limitless ocean, stops at interesting places… I could come to love that. But it wouldn’t be just me and the ocean, would it, and the thought of being trapped at sea with a few thousand strangers all out to Have a Good Time conjures up visions of Organised Games and Social Interaction that are enough to have me rushing (perhaps even scampering or dashing) for cover.

I am not good at group activities. Been there, done that. No more. Nor am I good at organised leisure time or organised tours. I want to see and do what I want to see and do, not what you think (knowing nothing about me) would interest me. And I want to see and do it in my own time and space, not at a time that suits you, and surrounded by those aforementioned strangers. Which quite possibly makes me a cranky old cow, but there’s nothing new in that.

Then there’s the food. Promos for cruises always wax lyrical about the food. ‘Fine dining’, they say. Or similar. And once again, this would be my idea of hell: trapped (even more tightly) at a table in front of a parade of courses, forced to sit there while more strangers exchange small talk, unable to leave without seeming crass and unmannerly – which I do try not to be however tempting.

Food and I are acquainted for reasons of survival. We do not do not spend hours in mutual love fests, and I’m pretty sure cruise managers count on foodie love fests to pass the time between organised activities. Which would leave me locked in my cabin for unspecified lengths of time. Cheaper to lock the front door at home.

And last but by no means least (for me) is the business of image. Participants in these sorts of cruises seem to like image – good gear, you know, and I simply don’t possess that kind of good gear, and would feel distinctly uncomfortable wearing it.

So that’s me done, for sail. See you tomorrow. All things being equal.


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: How about something a bit more peaceful?

  1. veracitymama says:

    My sentiments exactly. Especially, “being trapped at sea with a few thousand strangers all out to Have a Good Time”! Great read. 🙂

  2. “Organised Games and Social Interaction” – spare me this, also!
    Funny, for me that line conjured life in a nursing home. Spare me THAT, too!

  3. Noah Weiss says:

    I enjoyed this read! My opinions differ, but it is good to know activities that would send you packing.

  4. Cruises strike me the same way — except river cruises down the Rhine have a slight appeal, but I would want to get OFF the boat all the time. I can’t imagine anything worse than being stuck on a boat with a lot of people doing on the boat what they would do at home — eat, drink, go to clubs, what’s the point? With the added horror of being out at sea with them and it being VERY difficult to leave? No no no no. I know some people (and I know some of them in real life) feel better in such an environment, but to me it’s a nightmare.

    • I’ve looked at European river cruises too, but every ad I’ve seen comes replete with couples holding hands at the rail or ogling each other over teensy eye fillets decorated with inedible greenery, and clinking glasses that will no doubt be refilled enough times to make them maudlin or loud and intrusive, Not that I’m intolerant or anything!

      • I’ve been struck by that couples thing lately. The two women I occasionally hang out with here are married. If we do anything together, it is when there is nothing (else) going on in their lives. I realized lately what decision I made by not being married. I don’t regret it AT ALL. And many women (as you know) are single and older not by choice. But these two women — and I like them and we have a lot of fun together — might never have experienced doing things for fun, by choice, with a friend or alone. I am on the other end of the moment when I was in my 20’s and my best friend fell in love and stopped doing stuff with me.

        I get turned off by pictures of couples, too. I also get very irked when I’m out with a friend and people assume we’re a lesbian couple. I will never understand why romance (straight or gay) and coupled-ness is considered some great apogee of human experience and THE normal condition. Maybe it’s because my romances were all so bizarre or painful, but I think I’ve always felt that way.


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